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 Rules and usage of Forums.

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Head-Admin/Forum Co-Owner/Payment Admin
Head-Admin/Forum Co-Owner/Payment Admin

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Rules and usage of Forums. Empty
PostSubject: Rules and usage of Forums.   Rules and usage of Forums. EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 3:02 pm

We all know that rules aren't red on any forums that you visit,but this is important.You may have to agree us,or you're outta here.

1.You may not double post.Double posting is an infraction,wich is bannable for 2 infraction points.
2.Do not backseat moderate.It is permanent bannable.Do not even try it.
3.The only way to get the Admins and Owner out of this Community is by "coffin" way,if you know what i mean.
4.You may not post warez,cracks,porn,anything that is not related to community.
5.You may not make "Goodbye" threads in any forums but [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] .We are going to erase any of your threads that is not made there.
6.Racism is permanent bannable.
7.If you're going to ban appeal/ban request somebody please provide proof,or you're getting an infraction point.
8.You may not post videos that link to "Rick-Roll" or Trolling sites/posts/jokes.
9.Flaming in this forums are permanent bannable.Just try yourself and you're outta here.
10.DO not even try to argue with admin decisions.They will remain the same indifferent that you interffere or not.
11.All dumb posts will be moved to Basket forum.No questioning.
12.DO NOT WRITE ALL IN CAPS.Some people might find it disturbing and even myself think that you're shouting.
13.No other language than English.Nobody will translate your post,so don't be an idiot.
14.Do not treathen any other player in any way.It costs you one Infraction point.
15.Chat must not be spammed.It is used as an In-Forums message system to all users online.If you want to send a private message to someone use PM instead of Typing in Chat.
16.When you agree or you do not agree with an post,please use "+Support" or "-Support".It may cost you an Infraction point.
17.Asking for any private information about Admin(s)/Owner(s) is permanent bannable.No discussion.
18.You may only apply for Administrator if you have at least 1 week on the forums.
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Rules and usage of Forums.
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