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1: You may NOT RDM=Random Deathmatch people. 2: You may NOT CDM=Car Deathmatch people. 3: Do not type ingame stuffs in "OOC"=Out Of Character. It is classes as Metagaming, and is kickable. In "OOC" you talk about your real life! 4: No trading above 10.000 dollars without admin premission. If you want to trade more ask an administrator. 5: Do not own doors that you do not intend to use. 6: You may only raid as:Gangster,mobboss,thief! No gundealer! 7: Do not make a "random" warrant as a goverment employee. Doing so will give you a blacklist from the job. 8: NLR rule persist, meanings you may not come back to the same place you died or remember anything from your last life! NLR=New Life Rule 9: Do not prop spam / prop push / prop block / prop shield / prop surf / prop kill. 10: Do not, under any circumstances, go under the map. 11: Do not beg other players for loans / money. 12: Do not break laws just to get attention from cops. 13: Do not abuse the advertisement system. ( i.e. saying "/advert LOLOL FAIL" ) 14: Respect the admin's descision. If you disagree with their decisions, post an abuse report or a unban request on the facesmashrp forum. 15: Do not randomly demote someone as a Mayor, or demote someone so your friend can take the new job opening. Doing so will get you blacklisted 16: Do not steal other player's vehicles under any circumstances. You are allowed to borrow their cars with their permission, but simple theft is against the rules. ( GTA ) 17: Do not text spam or microphone spam. 18: Do not go AFK as mayor just for the paycheck or you will be blacklisted. 19: Do not attempt in any way to crash the server. 20: Do not lock a door repeatedly while someone is lock picking it. 21: Do not knock on doors repeatedly, as that is seen as spam. 22: Do not lock players into a place they cannot escape from. If it is a hostage situation it is fine, but do not simply lock a player in a room and leave. 23: Do not use any third-party scripts to modify the gamemode in any way. 24: You may target the mayor to assassinate him without being charged for RDM. But the actual task of the assassination MUST be roleplayed. ( Simply walking up and shooting him will NOT pass as roleplaying and you WILL get banned. 25: Do not rejoin to avoid jail time. There is an automated system in place, so any attempt will be caught. 26: Do not flame outside of the RP. 27: You can only kidnap ONE person per hour. The kidnapping cannot be longer than 30 minutes. If you want to kidnap a person longer, talk to an admin. Kidnaps must have a roleplay background and can NOT be random. This limit counts for all Org members and all people involved. 28: Do not 'Asspull' guns. The place where you can get weapons must be realistic. You can not get an Ak-47 out of your shoes for example. That is unrealistic. 29: Do NOT bind any commands. This includes '/me' commands. 30: Do not use signs to write nonsense. More rules will be added! Best regards: NoobedyNoobNoob. Michelle Armstrong.